Parents File Lawsuits to Halt School Face Mask Mandates as Districts Impose Health Rules to Slow Pandemic

First day of in-person learning at Perry Elementary School in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)
Florida attorney Patrick Leduc said he’s come to be known as “Mr. Face Mask Guy” for challenging public health orders around face coverings.
Protesters rally against a mask mandate in Las Vegas on Aug. 22. (Bridget Bennett / AFP via Getty Images)

‘Separate and unequal’

“By seeking to eliminate protections for students in school, this lawsuit puts children and educators at risk and makes us less safe. Plaintiffs do not have a constitutional right to endanger their own children and put their classmates at risk.”

Willam Tong, Connecticut attorney general

A student has his temperature checked before the first day of in-person learning on Aug. 24 at St. John’s Lutheran School in Orange, California. (Paul Bersebach / Getty Images)

Wide range of complicating factors

Honors Civics teacher Mike Brown with masked students on the first day of in-person learning on Sept. 8 at Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut. (John Moore / Getty Images)



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